Wedding jewellery designer Hi I’m Leah.

wedding jewellery designer

Hi There, nice to meet you, I’m Leah wedding jewellery designer at Hello Lovers Australia.

I’m the gal that gets to design and help create our sparkling wedding jewellery pieces. On the 22nd of June I have some exciting news, Polka dot bride will be featuring a story on my time in the bridal business, hard to believe its been over 14 years, so I have a lot to say!. For the full story click here. For the short and sweet read, continue below!

Hello Lovers Australia Designer

I’m an accessories nut, and that shows with our bling-tastic range in store and on line.  I’m so lucky to have met some really amazing suppliers over the years that have helped me with this collection! You don’t have to spend a fortune on jewellery, just quality jewellery pieces that compliment your style.

I’m also a tulle snob, I just love English tulle – nothing compares to this veil fabric. We design and make all our veils in store, it’s a lot of work but I just can’t compromise. Im going to bring my veil collection line very soon.

Hello Lovers Australia Jewellery-collection

I believe its all about the total look. Choose one statement piece, like a pair of earrings, then smaller complimentary jewellery pieces to go with the earrings and to tie in with your dress, while you are wearing it.

I don’t have a poker face so if you bring in a piece of jewellery from a costume jewellery shop, it’s fine, but you’re cheapening the complete bridal look. Apparently I get a look of horror on my face when a bride pulls out low quality accessories.

How do you bring an eco friendly aspect to your business?

I really hate plastic packaging!! You can see how angry I am by doing a double exclamation mark. That’s why with our jewellery I make the packaging either beautiful so you will want to keep it for ever. Or bio-degradable, I’m in the process of making garment and veils bags that are eco friendly. I’m also a believer in keeping suppliers as local as possible, to support small business and cut down on fuel emissions during transit.

Hello Lovers work room

Ok I will be honest I’m not normally looking this glamorous and happy when sewing. I’m normally swearing my head off at the sample I’m making. Yes this is the same lace fabric I used for the dress I’m wearing. If your thinking that the dress makes me look pregnant, your right 7 months to be exact.

Thank you for reading my latest post and good luck with your wedding or event planning.

Cheers Leah





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