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Bohemian dresses Sarah’s story

In between the sun and the sand, the red dust, and deep blue skies of the picturesque Australian outback, Sarah lived her simple bohemian farm life. Working on the family sheep station, life was remote but beautiful as she wiped the sweat from her brow after her long and arduous days.

Sarah found many striking raw gold nuggets and luminescent opals that purified her aura and fulfilled her creative life. She was one with the land but yearned for something a little different. Setting out on a big city adventure searching for her bohemian dreams, out into the unknown to explore what else Australia had to offer.

Bohemian life Melbourne

Finishing up in the Melbourne city streets’ bustling vibe was a far cry from the red dust on her steel caps but was is excited, alive, and in awe of the metropolitan beauty. The buzz of the city trams, the laneway cafes, of course, excellent coffee culture, But best of all, a young community of dress designers plus the infamous Melbourne art scene. Melbourne was everything she dreamt it would be. Her yearning for fashion, bohemian vintage dresses and art had come alive, and yet that outback flare never left her, nor did she want it to.

In her Melbournian daze, Sarah met a boy, a handsome young entrepreneur who whisked her heart away, and of course, they fell desperately and hopelessly in love.

Eager to visit home and just as keen to get married, the lovers traveled back to Sarah’s desert-dwelling for the wedding. A charming whimsy as the refined fashion of the city collided with the stunning roughness of the outback.

Despite her love for the big city, Sarah seemed destined for the land, staying to work on the homestead with her city boy in tow. Together they would work hard, build a life, and bask in the splendor of their surroundings.


Will Sarah and her city man work the land forever? Is their outback romance eternal? The land can be challenging, but so is their young love.

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