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—Welcome to Hello Lovers Australia.—

To the lovers of Love, this bridal jewellery collection is for you. Beautiful Australian jewellery pieces inspired by life, love, harmony and this great land called Australia.

Naturally Australian bridal Jewellery.

Browse our wedding jewellery collection online  to view a collection of uniquely feminine vintage style jewellery. A fresh collection of jewelled lovelies, styles you have never seen before. 

Explore our latest campaign the Australia collection. With the beautiful love story of Sarah, her love for her husband-to-be and for her farm land in the northern outback of Australia.

All Hello Lovers pieces are handmade in our boutique Melbourne studio. Take a behind the scenes tour here.

Read more about designer Leah Ann’s jewellery philosophy and journey here.

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So many sparkles! divine Australian wedding jewellery.

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Easy to wear dresses with unique lace details.