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Hi There, nice to meet you; I’m Leah from Hello Lovers Australia jewellery.

I’m the gal that gets to design and help create our sparkling jewellery pieces that make up the Hello Lovers Australia jewellery collections. I have been in the bridal business for over 17 years, which is hard for me to comprehend as it just seems like yesterday I was nervously throwing myself into a new business. But time flies when you’re having fun.

The lady with the most jewellery

I’m not saying it has been an easy ride; there have been many long days and hard work involved. There have been mistakes made big and small along the way. However, I have been lucky to meet some fantastic people over the years that have helped me! Teaching me new design principles and sometimes much-needed moral support.

Bridal accessory and jewellery design

I’m an accessories nut, which is possibly apparent when you see our sparkling wedding accessory range in-store and online. You don’t have to spend a fortune on wedding accessories, just quality jewelry pieces that compliment your style.

I believe it’s all about the overall look. Choose one statement piece, like a pair of earrings, then smaller complementary accessories to go with the earrings and to tie in with your formal or wedding dress while you are wearing it.

Wedding Jewellery designer

I don’t have a poker face, so if you bring in a piece of jewelry from a cheap and nasty costume jewellery shop, it’s okay. Still, you’re possibly cheapening your complete bridal style with poorly put-together designs and dull plastic gems that some online shops and retail stores think it’s okay to sell. ( Not ours!!) Apparently, I get a look of horror on my face when a bride pulls out low-quality fashion accessories. You don’t have to spend a fortune to look amazing. Carefully choose fashion jewelry pieces that have clear well-cut gems and settings that imitate the real thing.

Part of my job is to create mix and match collections. So you have the option of interchanging complementary pieces for maximum wear without having to shop online for days trying to find a bracelet to match those fabulous earrings you just bought.

In the beginning wedding dresses.

Having initially started in business designing and making wedding dresses, gorgeous lace gowns. Easy to wear boho styles that embrace your femininity. The jewellery business was just a logical progression as brides came to us with mismatched and inappropriate wedding jewellery. So I decided to create my own jewellery designs that could be put together as sets. Also, we have added some gorgeous lace gowns to the Hello Lovers collection.


Australian boho jewellery

Also veils

I’m also a tulle snob; I love tulle – no fabric compares to this fine cobweb-like veil fabric. So feminine, but it has to be just right, not too stiff and not too soft. Wedding veils should flow around your shoulders like a cloud. We proudly design and make our veils in Melbourne Australia, it’s a lot of work, but I can’t compromise. 

Choosing veil embellishments that can be put together with Bridal hair accessories like crystal hair combs and tiara’s so that the two items compliment each other perfectly. It’s more complicated than it sounds to integrate two different wedding accessories, so they seamlessly blend as one.

Thank you for reading my latest post and good luck with your wedding or event planning.

Cheers Leah





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