How to match your hair to your bridal accessory

hair accessories and bridal hairstyles

The perfect bridal hair accessories and hairstyles for your wedding day.

With all the eyes on you on your special day, you might as well wear a gorgeous hair accessory. It’s one thing to choose your hairpiece, and then the next step is choosing a hairstyle that compliments perfectly. I’m going to suggest some unique Hello Lovers Australia hair accessories and bridal hairstyles to be a subtle addition to your treasured tresses or an accomplice to your veil. Here are some of our statement pieces that might work for your bridal hairstyle.

1. Ponytail hairstyle matched with the Luxury Hair Comb

Nothing will accent your chignon or ponytail hairstyle better than this luxury hair comb. The intricate cluster of flowers will be harmoniously secured right above the bun or ponytail and accentuate the volume of your hair. This luxurious statement boasts a classic look and will go well with an elegant, backless gown.

Luxury formal hair combs

2. Half up, half down match with set of Three Pearl Hairpins

If you are going for a half-up or half-down hairstyle, these gold hairpins will be the ideal choice. You can scatter them across the braid or make a cluster and secure it above the bun. We have here is a set of three hairpins used to accentuate a hair style with a twist like shown. Hello Lovers Australia bridal jewellery has earrings to match.
Set of three floral pins

3. Hair all up match with Marquise Hair Comb hair accessories and bridal hairstyles.

A ballroom gown or tulle dress needs a romantic accessory that does not drive all the attention away from your gown. This fresh and floral hair comb will complete your vintage look with the classy pattern of flowers. Sweep your hair to the side in to a bun with this porcelain hair combs or secure them with any hair up hairstyle. Check out our post on how to choose the right earrings for your wedding too.
Wedding flower hair comb

4. Hair out match with Zig Zag Hair Vine

If you want to go for a more dramatic look, we recommend hair vines. This zig zag hair vine has a sleek network of pearls forming tendrils and blossoms and is very versatile. Whether you are going for a traditional look or a bohemian look, it will do its job of making you look beautiful. You can let your hair down and use it as a headband or manipulate its shape around your braid or bun.
Zig zag headband hair accessories and bridal hairstyles
Nothing is better than what appeals to your personal style and makes you feel beautiful and confident. We hope we can help you find the perfect accessories for your wedding day.
– Leah

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