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Nothing says here comes the bride more than wedding veils. Hello Lovers Australia has many styles of bridal headwear, to suit your wedding dresses. Long lux cathedral lengths that drape the ground over and sometimes beyond the train. You can use the cathedral length as a great way to create the look of a train if your gown doesn’t have one. Or short wedding veils from fingertip to shoulder height.


Black veil

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Double layer fingertip crystal drop veil – white only

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Types of Wedding Veils

  1. Cathedral Veils

Cathedral veils, the longest and most dramatic, extend beyond the train of the bride’s gown, creating a regal and sophisticated look. They are the perfect choice for formal weddings, making a grand statement as the modern bride walks down the aisle.

The bride usually takes this long headpiece off after the ceremony and photos for the reception. Hello, Lovers Australia has a range of cathedral lengths with trims of lace, sequins, diamonds or pearl veils. Or if your gown is detailed and you would like the look of a plain sheer tulle drape, we have them, too.

  1. Chapel Veils

Chapel length is slightly shorter than cathedral headpieces, reach the floor with a slight drape without extending further. They offer a traditional look, evoking a sense of nostalgia and a connection to the past, without the length of a cathedral. All Hello Lovers Australia’s headpieces come in single tier or double tier veils.

  1. Fingertip Veils

Fingertip length headpieces are a popular choice and the best seller. This style ends just at the bride’s fingertips when her arms are relaxed. They strike a perfect balance between elegance and practicality, making them an informed and practical choice for all wedding dress styles, from fitted to ballgown. These headpieces can be trimmed with beads, lace, or satin or left without embellishment.

  1. Elbow Veils

Elbow length headpieces are shorter and end around the bride’s elbows. They are perfect for brides who wants head-wear that wont overwhelm their dress. Elbow length designs come in single or double-layer styles. This length is ideal with a fitted or sheath wedding dress in an informal setting.

  1. Blusher Veils

Blusher headpieces cover the bride’s face and can accompany a longer length for a layered effect. There’s nothing like when the groom lifts the blusher for the first kiss.

  1. Mantilla Veils

Mantilla headpieces are characterized by their lace edging, and brides traditionally wear them draped over their heads and shoulders, adding a touch of Spanish elegance.

  1. Birdcage Veils

Birdcage headpieces are short veils that cover just the top half of the face. They are often made from netting and give a vintage, sophisticated look.

  1. Flyaway Veils

Flyaway styles are usually multi-layered and fall around the shoulders, adding volume without much length. They are playful and perfect for less formal weddings. This short length is great with a tea-length or short wedding dress.

Diamante Bridal Blusher veil for brides
Ivory beaded bridal pearl blusher veil being worn oven over a bun hair style.

Hair accessories for wedding veils

When selecting your hair accessories, remember that this is your wedding day. Consider your unique hairstyle, your dream dress style, and the wedding style you are planning, whether it’s a formal church affair or an outdoor garden wedding. Let these factors guide your choice, empowering you to create a look that is uniquely yours.

Bridal accessories for a formal wedding look,

 For a formal wedding look, the possibilities are endless. A tiara, when placed in front of a long cathedral veil, adds a touch of regality to your ensemble. Alternatively, a statement hair comb, artfully recessed into the side and nestled against the tulle layers, offers a contemporary twist to your look. The versatility of these accessories allows you to transform your look, sparking excitement about the endless possibilities.

Veil accessories for a semi-formal bride.

Brides can still choose a long veil but possibly not as long length. You can still wear a modest size tiara or hair comb to create a semi-formal bridal look.

Simple garden or beach brides. 

For simple garden or beach weddings, your accessories should adapt to the relaxed atmosphere. A shorter veil, such as an elbow-length or fingertip veil, is more manageable in these surroundings on your special day. A veil comb or side hair clip is the perfect accessory for a more relaxed look, offering versatility that suits any outdoor setting.

Regal tiara wedding jewelery
Flower bridal hair piece for wedding
Vintage style hair comb with pearls

What colours do wedding dress veils come in?

There are many colours to choose from, and once more, we suggest your gown dictate your choice. For instance, a white veil would be worn with a white wedding dress. Hello Lovers Australia manufacture veils in these colours.

  • White
  • Off white
  • Diamond white
  • Ivory
  • Blush
  • Champagne
  • Black.

For fabric samples, give us a call or email.

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