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Wedding dress belts and sashes.

Amaze yourself at the difference a wedding dress belt or sash will make to your wedding gown. A sparkling bridal sash can turn a simple gown into a glamorous statement.

Wedding dress sashes and bridal belts are a great way to add a personal touch and create a flattering silhouette to any wedding dress. Various types of sashes and belts are available in different styles, materials, and colors. Here are some of the most popular types and tips on how to wear them:


Ribbon sash.

 A ribbon sash is a simple and versatile option that you wear around the waist in a bow or knot. It can be made of satin, silk, or organza and can be any width, from a thin, delicate ribbon to a wide, statement-making sash. This option is a great way to add colour to your bridal gown.

Beaded Belt.

 Beaded sashes can add a touch of sparkle and colour to your gown. This option is also a fabulous way to add a vintage vibe to your look. Maybe a sash with an art deco-beaded design. They can be made of beads, crystals, pearls, or a combination of all three and can be sewn onto a ribbon or attached directly to the dress.

Belts for wedding dresses

Floral flower belt.

 A floral belt can add a touch of romance and femininity. It can be silk or porcelain flowers, lace, or beading. Check out the Hello Lovers hair vines that you can also wear around the waist of a frock.

Narrow crystal belt for wedding dress

Rhinestone or crystal wedding dress belts.

A rhinestone belt can add a dramatic and luxurious. It can be made of large or small rhinestones and coordinated with your jewellery. You should team a silver rhinestone sash with a silver earring or necklace with the matching rhinestone detail. You are creating a coordinated and seamless look.

Wedding dress sparkly belt

Elevate you bridal look.

When choosing a sash or belt, it is important to consider the style and color of your wedding dress. A simple, delicate ribbon tie can complement a minimalist or modern dress, while a beaded or rhinestone belt can enhance the glamour of a more traditional dress. A floral belt can add a touch of whimsy to a bohemian or rustic dress.

This wedding dress accessory can be a great way to customize and elevate your wedding dress. When wearing a sash or belt, it is important to tie or fasten it tightly enough to create a flattering silhouette but not so tight that it creates bulges or discomfort. However, it is best to stitch it in place to ensure it doesn’t move. If the sash or belt is too long, it can be tied in a bow or cut to the appropriate length.

A wedding sash belt with a design that is tapered at the sides will highlight your waistline and make it look smaller. Also an easy way to add detail to your bridesmaids dresses.