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Bridal necklace and earrings sets.

Jewellery sets for brides and bridesmaids for a special event. A jewellery collection of matching sets, will delight you. 

Shop jewellery online with confidence that each jewellery piece will match perfectly.

For an evening earring jewelry set, you may want to consider pieces that are more elegant and sophisticated than what you would normally wear for day wear. Here’s an example of some different types of jewellery sets that could work well for a wedding or special occasion:

Silver jewellery set Hello lovers Australia

  1.  Earring Set: If choosing a pair of bold, statement earrings that are eye-catching and will draw attention to your face. Pair them with a hair accessory, bracelet, or jewellery piece away from your face. This allows the earrings to be the hero of the set.

Or choose a small earring and team it with the matching necklace with the same detail, for example, a pearl or crystal. The metal setting should also be the same colour.

Drop wedding necklace sophia silver set

  1.  Necklace set: A simple pendant necklace or a chain with a small Pearl or diamante could work well with small earrings with matching detail. Or take it to the next level with a statement necklace and small hairpins. Wearing the hairpins at the back of your hairstyle makes the neck-piece stand-out piece in this set.

Wedding sets of jewellery with pearls.


  1. Bracelet or Bangle jewellery set: Add some interest to your wrist by wearing a bracelet or bangle that complements your earrings and necklace.

           Hello Lovers Australia has a bracelet set featuring tiny porcelain     flowers. There are matching earrings or hair pieces to team as a jewellery set.

Hello lovers Australia hair pins pearl porcelain hair pins

  1. Hair accessory set: Be creative; wear a hair comb at the side, and add matching hair pins scattered to the back of your hair. Ensure the detail is the same for both pieces so the look is cohesive.