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Wedding Earrings

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Wedding earrings are by far one of the most expressive jewellery pieces that you can wear. That’s why you should carefully consider your wedding jewellery especially your earrings.

Always follow your own individual sense of style; your wedding day is not the day to change your style. For instance, you may be known to wear statement chandelier earrings at every special event you attend and feel comfortable in a longer design so choose a striking pair of chandeliers with your gown.

Classic wedding earrings style.

Maybe you are a classic kind of girl that rose gold jewelry suits. Then wear rose gold earrings, and possibly a rose coloured hair accessory or necklace. Silver earrings are by far the most popular classic bridal jewelry colour at the moment as it complements sparkling crystals so well. Also is complementary to most skin coloring’s. However, if you only wear warm tones, you usually find it suits your skin colouring. Wear gold earrings.

Aria best wedding earrings

Boho wedding earring style.

Hello Lovers Australia is known for its boho wedding dress styles. Unique fitted lace designs for the bohemian bride to be. Therefore, we have created unique jewellery sets for this look, unique boho rose gold earrings that you can wear anywhere; check them out.

Still having trouble check out our how to choose the right earrings for your wedding post.