Natural pearl drop

$AUD $49.95

The warmth and nostalgia brought forth by the structure of these Pearl Earrings, highlighted by the pearl drops. Wear these for any occasion, and pair them with any piece of jewelry.  The gold pearl top accents the delicate tendencies, and the pearl provides softness to balance.


Pearl Earrings

Soft edges are iconic of a bridal look. The delicate curves of these earrings are unique and even. Thrive on you own individuality from this style of Pearl drop Earrings. The pearl drops are delightful because they are small and let your energy shine.

2.4cm long,

Complimentary jewellery pieces with pearl drops

Consider pairing these earrings with bold pieces of wedding jewelry for an eye catching experience. Wear them with loud necklaces and stand-out rings for a distinct and noteworthy appearance. Try them with simple, our sleek pearl bracelets and small pearl hair pins for a look that blends femininely with any event.

During the daytime, these earrings fit with office wear and suit any hairstyle, whether up or down. In the evening, they make a classy accessory. Matching evening wear for any kind of event, from the club to the ballroom.

Features: Unique, silver, pearl drops.

If a piece is out of stock, Hello Lovers wedding jewellery usually takes 4 weeks to be made in our Melbourne studio before it is shipped.

For international orders please allow 2 weeks for shipping.

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