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Instagram to get bohemian bridal style

I love the power of Instagram and how it make’s connecting with other businesses so easy. Donna Ghiorzi sent me a private message one night wanting to know if I could help out with loaning dresses and jewellery for photo shoot she was putting together showcasing bohemian bridal style. How exciting, I organised a meeting and we were on our way! all thanks to Instagram!

lace boho dress

Before a photo shoot I put together a couple of dresses and then co ordinate matching accessories for each dress, if I’m organising the shoot I also location scout and match each look to the location. Lucky me this time I didn’t have to organise much at all, I had super star Donna doing it all.


Lets meet the team of bohemian wedding style

The Location was at Avalon Castle in Cockatoo a hidden little gem about 50 mins from Melbourne CBD. An intimate reception location with a real castle, perfect gardens, a historic looking chapel and accommodation.  

Amanda Kilbourne was our photographer, after a little online stalking I noticed she has photographed quite a few of my past brides. I felt confident was going to get some stunning images.

Wedding jewellery

Donna Ghiorzi hair, make up and producer or the day. Donna is seriously so much fun and is equally talented with the hair and make up and organisational skills.

Foxy evergreen, I have never seen so many flowers as I did that day! they were so colourful and unique I knew I had found a really special florist. I even met new flower types I didn’t even know existed. Most of the flowers used on the day were sourced locally even more amazing. Natalie and Donna were the creative team behind the epic flower swing!

Our Models were Tia Maher and Lorena L both were so professional on the day and cant wait to see what their modelling and creative endeavors bring.


Nirvana earrings

What the day will bring

The start of collaboration day is so much fun, I love meeting new people and have to remind myself to focus there is work to be done, its not party time it time to focus on bohemian dreaming.

Amanda and I started with styling and putting together some product photos of the jewellery we would be using on the day. Starting with the Gold Sydney collection, the divine wedding earrings, the beauty earrings. They have a real rustic, bohemian bridal feeling thanks to the props brought by Natalie.

Hair and make was done on our models Tia and Lorena and its show time! We started shooting with the beyond amazing swing. Tia wore our new Hello Lovers Lee-lee dress and Lorena wore our Miranda wedding dress. Have a scroll through the images below, I love the colours a big thank you to Amanda for all your time spent editing, I loose my marbles after editing three images let alone hundreds.

Amazing deb dresses

I would not hesitate to recommend any one I worked with and each creative will add so much to your wedding day. Please click on links in story for more information.Leah from hello Lovers

Cant help myself but add some behind the scenes fun in the sideshow below

xoxo Leah

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