What earrings will suit me?

How to choose a pair of earrings that will suit me.

 Choosing the Perfect Pair: What Earring Will Suit My Face Shape?

The ultimate guide to Understanding what earrings will suit me. Face Shapes and hairdo’s for Flattering Earring Choices.
When it comes to selecting the ideal earrings for a special occasion, understanding your face shape is paramount. Let’s explore how different face shapes and hair styles influence the choice and discover what type of earring what suits you best.

Designs for a Round Face.

Choosing jewellery for a round face shape is not just about enhancing your facial features, it’s a powerful tool to balance your appearance and express your unique style. Here are some empowering tips to guide you in selecting a style that perfectly complement a round face:

What earrings will suit a round shape face?

  1. Go for Length: Long earrings can help elongate your face, making it look slimmer. Consider styles like dangles, drops, featuring vertical lines that extend below the jawline.
  2. Opt for Angular Shapes: Angular shapes such as rectangles, squares, and angular drops can add contrast to your face’s roundness. These shapes help create the illusion of a longer and leaner face.
  3. Consider Narrow Designs: Styles that are narrow and extend vertically can draw the eye up and down, elongating the face rather than emphasizing width.
  4. Avoid Round and Hoop Circular Earrings: Large, round earrings, especially hoops, can accentuate the roundness of the face. If you love hoops, opt for elongated, oval shapes or small hoops that don’t add extra width to the cheekbones.
  5. Add Some Edges: Geometric shapes with edges, like hexagons or octagons, can also work well as they introduce lines that can help counterbalance facial roundness.
  6. Try Teardrops: Teardrop earrings that taper at the bottom are another excellent choice, as they draw attention downward and can make your face appear less round.
  7. Experiment with Color and Texture: Bright colours and exciting textures can also draw attention and divert focus from the shape of the face to the jewellery piece themselves. Both for formal and everyday wear.
Julietta tear drop shape earrings
Choose Appropriate Sizes: While you want to avoid tiny studs, overly large designs can also overwhelm your shape face. Find a balanced size that complements your features without overpowering them.
When shopping for earrings, try them on if possible and consider your entire look, including hairstyle and outfit, to ensure they harmonize with your overall appearance. Be it with a little black dress or a pair of jeans.

 Oval- shaped Face type

Individuals blessed with an oval face shape have the luxury of versatility. Almost all styles complement this balanced shape. Feel free to experiment with various styles to find the ones that enhance your natural beauty.
Choose designs that complement a narrow forehead and a long face shape, the goal is generally to create an illusion of width and balance the facial proportions. Here are some styles that work well:

earrings for an oval shape face.

  1. Hoop Earrings: Large or medium-sized hoop can draw attention outward, helping to widen the area around your face visually. Opt for hoops that have some width or embellishments for added impact.
  2. Chandelier Earrings: These styles are wide at the bottom and taper near the earlobe, which can help add volume to the lower half of your face, balancing a narrow forehead.
  3. Round or Button Earrings: Designs with a round shape or a button style add softness and a sense of width to the face, which can help counterbalance a narrower top half.
  4. Stud Earrings with Horizontal Designs: Pearl Studs that feature horizontal elements or motifs can subtly create the perception of a wider face.
Large bridal stud earrings
Colourful Earrings: Bright and bold colours can draw attention to your ears, helping to widen the area around your face visually.
When choosing Jewellery, consider the overall balance of your facial features. Earrings that draw attention outward or downward can help make a narrow forehead appear more proportionate with the rest of your face. Additionally, trying different styles in front of a mirror can be a practical way to see what works best for your face shape.

 How to wear earrings for a Heart-Shaped Face

For those with a heart face, consider designs with wider bottoms like teardrops or chandeliers. These choices help balance the narrower chin and create a pleasing visual symmetry. Steer clear of  any that are overly pointed or narrow at the bottom they wont show off your best features.
With a heart shape face, you have a wide range of styles to choose from. Each one can help balance your face by drawing attention to your eyes, jawline and angles of your face. Here are some styles that work particularly well:

Heart shaped face what earrings will suit me?

  1. Teardrop Earrings: These can help balance the narrower chin of a heart-shaped face by adding width at the jawline. Our summer pearl drop featuring a teardrop shape pearl might be the right pair.
  2. Chandelier Earrings: That are wider at the bottom, which helps to counterbalance the width of a wide forehead at the top of your face.
  3. Oval Hoops: The rounded edges and soft shapes of oval hoops can nicely complement the angles of a heart-shaped face.
  4. Triangle Earrings: If the widest part of the triangle is at the bottom, they can add a nice counterbalance to the narrower lower part of your face and are a good option.
  5. Long Dangles: Elongated larger earrings can also be very flattering, as they help visually give the look of a longer face.
Chandelier earrings for bride
It’s best to avoid styles that are overly elongated or mirror the shape of a heart, as these can unintentionally emphasize the width at the top of your face. Instead, aim for styles that add some width around your jawline or enhance the middle part of your face for a more balanced look.

The best earrings for a Square shaped face

A square face shape benefits from designs that soften its angles. Opt for round or oval-shaped designs to add a touch of elegance and create a more balanced facial appearance. Steer clear of angular or geometric shapes that might accentuate the squareness.
For a square-shaped face, where the forehead, cheeks, and jawline are all about the same width, particular styles can help soften the angles and add some flattering curves. Here are some suggestions:

Suitable earrings for a square shape face.

  1. Hoop Earrings: Round hoops are great for softening the angular features of a square face. Depending on your preference and the occasion, opt for medium to large hoops.
  2. Oval or Teardrop Earrings: These shapes add a gentle contrast to the straight lines of your face and can help elongate your look.
  3. A chandelier or Dangle statement Earrings: Choose styles that add length and draw attention away from the jawline.
  4. Round Studs: Large round studs can soften the face’s angular nature while keeping the look simple and are a great choice.

cubic zirconia drop earrings.

It’s generally best to avoid geometric and square shapes as they may accentuate the angularity of the face. Instead, opt for styles that add softness and circular shapes. Also, considering the designs size in proportion to your features and the rest of your outfit is crucial. This ensures a balanced and harmonious look, enhancing your overall style.

 Jewellery for a Long/Rectangular Face

Longer or rectangular face shapes can be complemented by medium to large studs, round or oval, or clustered styles. These choices add width and create a more balanced facial appearance. Avoid overly long, dangling jewellery that might emphasize the rectangular shape of your face.
Are you ready to enhance your rectangle face shape with the perfect pair? We’ve got you covered with some styles that add softness and roundness to your face, making you look even more fabulous. 

Flattering earrings for a rectangular face shape?

  1. Hoops: Round or oval-shaped hoops can help soften the angular lines of a rectangle face. Oversized hoop earrings can be especially effective in balancing the oblong face shape.
  2. Studs: Round or curved studs can add a soft touch without emphasizing length. Think about designs that feature round gemstones or clusters.
  3. Consider the impact of chandelier or teardrop earrings. These styles add width to your cheekbones and skillfully divert attention from your jawline, creating a beautifully balanced look. 
Wedding dress earrings bridal Hoops
Circular or Curved Dangle Earrings: Any style with soft curves or circular details can contrast nicely with the straight lines of a rectangle face.
Avoid long, narrow, and angular earrings as they can mimic the face shape too closely, making the face appear longer.

What earrings will suit me I have a triangle face shape?

For a triangle shape face, where the jaw is wider than the forehead, choosing earrings that add width at the level of the eyes or forehead can help balance the face. Here are some styles that would complement a triangle face shape:

Earrings to suit a triangle shaped face.

  1. Studs or Cluster Earrings: Simple diamond studs, especially those with a bright or light colour, can draw attention upwards. Clusters that add some width can also help balance the narrower forehead.
  2. Chandeliers or Teardrops that Taper at the Top: Select earrings, wider and tapering down, can effectively balance out the jawline by adding width higher on the face, giving your face a more harmonious facial structure and look.Hoops: Medium to large hoops can help soften the angles of the face and add a nice curve, drawing attention to the eyes and balancing the facial features.
  3. Ear Cuff: These can elongate the appearance of the face vertically without adding width at the jawline, which can be flattering for triangle face shapes.
Ear clips for brides
It’s crucial to avoid designs that are wider at the bottom, such as traditional teardrop shapes or any design that adds volume near the jaw. These can inadvertently accentuate the width of the jawline, detracting from the overall balance of your face.

How Hairstyle and haircut Influences Earring Choices

The way you wear your hair can significantly impact the effect what earrings will suit. Let’s explore some tips based on different hairstyles.

Choosing the right earrings for an Updo Hairstyle.

If you’ve opted for an updo, consider statement pieces like chandeliers or Cubic Zirconia studs. These choices add a touch of drama and elegance to your overall look, creating a captivating effect.
  • Natural pearl earrings in ivory


 Loose, Down Hairstyles and Earrings

For those with down and flowing locks, dangle or drop earrings can add movement and draw attention to your ears. These styles create a captivating effect that complements your hairstyle beautifully. Add some sparkle for formal events.

Jewellery for Short Hair

Short hair offers a canvas for more delicate choices. Hoops, studs, or small earrings can be the perfect complement, adding a touch of elegance without overwhelming your overall appearance.

Choosing the Right Metal for Your Skin Tone

Understanding your skin tone is crucial for selecting the perfect metal for your Jewellery. Let’s explore which metals complement different skin tones.
  •  Warm Skin Tone (Yellow or Olive Undertones)
If your skin tone leans towards warmth with yellow or olive undertones, consider metals like gold earrings, rose gold, or copper. These choices harmonize beautifully, creating a complementary and appealing look.
  •  Cool Skin Tone (Pink or Blue Undertones)
For those with cool undertones featuring pink or blue hues, gravitate towards metals like sterling silver, white gold, and platinum. These options enhance the natural coolness of your skin tone, resulting in an elegant and refined appearance.

  Neutral Skin Tone and Earrings

If you’re fortunate to have a neutral skin tone, you have the flexibility to wear both warm and cool tones. This allows you to explore a wide range of styles and metals, opening up endless possibilities for your accessory choices.
Trust Your Instincts and Personal Style when choosing what earrings will suit me?

Round Pearl earrings drop style


  • Take these suggestions as mere guidelines and remember to always consider your own personal style and taste as confidence is the greatest fashion accessory, and no matter what you choose, wear it with confidence.
In the end, the most crucial factor in choosing the perfect designs is your own comfort and confidence. Trust your instincts and embrace styles that resonate with your personal taste. If you adore a piece of jewellery, you’ll wear them with pride and exude confidence at any special occasion. Hello Lovers Australia jewellery collection caters for everybody. What earrings will suit me? Hopefully you will have a better understanding after reading this article.

Frequently asked questions about what earrings will suit me.

Q: How do I know my face shape?
A: If you are having trouble working out what face shape you are you might like to check out this WikiHow article on how to determine your face shape.
Q: How do I care for my earrings at home.
A: Your Hello Lovers Australia jewellery will come in a silk covered jewellery box to keep them safe. As for cleaning your jewellery at home Harpers Bazaar has a great artical.
In conclusion, remember that these are guidelines, not rigid rules. The key is to feel comfortable and empowered by your choice. So go ahead, choose the perfect earrings and shine at your next special event!

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