Hello to all the Lovers out there!

wedding dress designerHello to the Lovers of everything Australian.

This is for the Lovers of keeping the world a smaller place, the Lovers of making real art, of animals and nature, the Lovers of being healthy and happy, those who embrace organic and natural food, to the Lovers of Peppermint tea at dusk, and most of all the Lovers of LOVE.

I am a country lass turned city girl, living the dizzying life on the fashion rollercoaster. The highs though, they make it all worth it – like creating quality jewellery pieces that are unique, that are Australian and that beyond everything else, are beautiful.

I have seen a lot of jewellery in my lifetime, both professionally and personally, so I wanted to create a collection that was Australian made, chic and makes a truly unique statement for the fashion conscious bride on her wedding day.

The Aussie girl in me has come to life in Hello Lovers and it is the essence of Australian beauty from the far reaches of the country life to the buzz of city life. This is a collection for the fashion educated; it’s jewellery to get excited about!

Help others achieve their dreams and you will achieve yours.

A special thank you.

I have been lucky enough to meet some truly creative and talented people over the years and it has been a pleasure. So getting them together and asking for their expert help with various aspects of Hello Lovers has been a fantastic experience.

A big hug for every one who has helped with this new and exciting wedding jewellery journey. My team of friends and family that have given nothing but the very best they can offer in their respective fields.

I send out a special thank you to the young ones; never lose your sparkle, stay enthusiastic and never give up because the world is your oyster. To the older ones; have no limits to your design, love your little ones and never ever let go of your personal philosophy. Thank you for your invaluable help in making Hello Lovers shine brightly.