Jewellery FAQ

Most common jewellery FAQ

Question: My engagement ring is gold can I wear silver jewellery on my wedding day?

Answer: Yes, you can. The focus will be on the overall look, of which your engagement ring is only one small factor.

Question: Can I wear a gold necklace with silver earrings?

Answer: Usually, earrings should match your necklace—for example, gold necklace gold earrings.

Or if you plan to wear a rose gold earring team, a rose gold headpiece, or hair accessories with them.

Veil frequently asked questions:

FAQ: How can I be sure the veil I ordered be the correct colour for my wedding dress.

Answer: When choosing a wedding veil, first ascertain if your wedding dress is white or ivory. You are more than welcome to send a fabric swatch to us, and our consultant will choose the best match.

Flower bridal hair piece for wedding

Question: Can I wear a hair clip and a veil?

Answer: Yes, and there are many ways to wear them together. Either at the back above your Tulle headwear or to the side, as illustrated above. It is especially a good idea if you plan on taking your veil off for the wedding reception; it will leave interest in your hair.

Veil comb is a great idea to cap the top of your veil and add bejeweled detail.


Frequently asked jewellery Question: What kind of gift should I give my bridesmaids?

Answer: Jewelry is a fantastic gift for your bridesmaids. Something they can wear on the day and wear for many years to come. Thinking of you every time they wear them. Earrings always make a beautiful bridesmaids gift.

Bridesmaids gift classic earrings

FAQ: How do I care for my fashion jewellery?

  1. Your Hello Lovers Australia jewellery will arrive packed in its jewellery pouch or silk jewelry box for protection. Keeping them in these containers will prevent tangling with other jewellery.
  2. Never wear your costume jewelry in a pool or spa as the chemicals are quite corrosive.
  3. Always put your jewelry on after you have applied moisturizer and perfume.
  4. Clean, detailed gold an silver jewelry pieces with distilled water toothpaste and a soft toothbrush. Taking care to rinse and dry well afterward.
  5. Take rings and bracelets off before washing up.


Jewelry FAQ: What if my Hello Lovers Order is not what thought it would be?

I am so confident you will love your jewellery gown purchase that we will accept returns for any reason within seven days of you receiving the item. Jewellery, wedding dress, and bridal accessory tags must be left attached to the item for a full refund.

Jewellery FAQ: If I have a question, can I call and speak to a consultant?

Answer: Yes, you can contact us within business hours if you have a query. Our consultants are happy to help.