Come on a tour of the Hello Lovers studio

Bridal jewellery studio tour

Come on a tour of the Hello Lovers Bridal jewelry studio

I’m so glad you have clicked on this blog entry, It means you have an interest in jewellery making just like me! Come on a tour with me as meet the location and some of the people that will be making your Bridal jewelry!

This is where all the chatter and jewellery magic happens.

Bridal jewelry components at the studio

Each of the finding pieces are found here, some jewellery pieces need only one or two used. Other more complex pieces need over 20 pieces. A padded leather type of pattern piece is used for each components position. Once each brass piece is in the right spot its time for the soldering to take place.

Soldering the jewellery needs intense concentration.

Vincent below does most of the complex soldering to the jewellery. If you look closely you will be able to see the welds he has done on the back of your wedding jewellery piece.


Bridal jewelry findings

After the welding process the jewellery looks like this photo on the left. I know not very pretty, but the pretty part is going to happen later, I promise.

Some of the bridal hair combs are shown in the photo. They have been soldered so they can be bent easily to fit in the hair at the right angle. Two bridal bracelets, one tiara and one crown.

Next comes the plating…


The plating process is bit top secret, but I will tell you what I can.

The jewelry goes to a specialist plater in an outer suburb of Melbourne. The bridal jewelry piece’s are wired together and then dipped in a concoction of a cleaning and priming solution. A metal solution with an electric current that makes it stick nicely then finally the piece is coated in a clear non toxic sealer. Most jewellery doesn’t have the clear sealer this is why some jewellery tarnishes easily and others don’t. Fascinating huh! I should have paid more attention in chemistry class to explain it better.

A little about our jewellery metal colours.

The platers we use do plating colours that are quite unique to them. Imported Chinese silver jewellery has more of a matt grey colour to it, ours has more of a whiteness to it. With slightly less shine. Our silver jewellery is nickel free, nickel is what makes jewellery super shiny.

Hello Lovers gold jewellery is slightly more matte and a little less shiny then imported jewellery.

Rose gold is my personal favorite colour I would call it a mellow rose gold, less shine and more subtle then most imported rose gold colours. Some cheap imported rose gold jewellery is so hideous, but our colour is pure class.

The difference in our jewellery colour and shine is very subtle. Unless you work in the jewellery, fashion industry or are a real jewellery connoisseur you wouldn’t notice (but you will now).

Making bridal jewelry

Its sparkle time!

Now for the fun time when we get to rip open those swarovski boxes of diamonties and marvel at the sparkling beads. We shower them through our hands. Have you done that before? Its exhilarating!.

Tess is the bedazzling super star.  Taking the plated pieces and adding the sparkle to make it shine.
I took over Tess’s work space below, Check out the video below of her giving me a lesson. Adding the diamonties to a ring piece. (little does she know i’m pretty good at doing the beading on the jewellery).


When the jewellery piece is completed its time for packaging and final inspection. Then its posted off to its new owner any where in the world, a little piece of Australia.

Well Thank you friends for reading my blog post, I wish you all the best for your wedding day or event. For more videos follow my vimeo account here.

Peace xo Leah

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