Wedding photos collaboratation

collaboration wedding photos

Some times I help with photo shoots,

Either loaning dresses or just giving some advice to up and coming fellow artists. I love these wedding photos collaboration photo shoots, where each person gives up their time or product in exchange for images. I never know what to expect some times its a gamble with” the good, the bad and the ugly”. The latest shoot was defiantly “the good” even better than good, gorgeousness.

bohemian low back wedding dress

This is new bohemian dress I have been working on, I’m thinking of calling the design Merimbula in the theme of the Australian towns the other wedding dresses are named after.

Location, Location, Bush and beach wedding photos

There are so many picturesque beaches to choose from around the coast of Victoria, its just a matter of narrowing it down to one. Laura decided on a beach called Sunnymead just down the road from the town of Torquay. Its a photographer dream with large sand dunes, misty cliffs, a lush forest nearby and best of all no people wondering around. bohemian lace wedding dress

Love to me, makes the world worth being a part of, it’s the part that keeps us alive and fighting. There is nothing more precious. Your love is a gift given by one, accepted and cherished by another for their life here on earth.


Now where to I begin on the weather!

On the day of our shoot, the rain and wind ripped through us, the ocean was roaring and the pockets of sun were few and far between. That being said, you can never stop passion from fighting through! Our whole team loves what they do, so we filled a rainy day with joy, laughter and fun.

lace back wedding dresses

Its stressful enough doing on location collaboration photo shoots during the summer but in winter its really scary. Of course the clouds gathered just after out first look and then it rained.

If you would like to collaborate send me an email

Instagram details

photography by Laura @tohaveandtoholdweddingphoto

Flowers @pearlandboston

Make up @alanahwaldren

Models Taylor @taylor.nelson

and Nathan @natodelundi







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