Wedding jewellery sets

Wedding Jewellery set Princess style

Bridal  jewellery sets for every bridal style.

It can sometimes be challenging to assemble a formal or bridal jewellery set for your wedding. It’s such a special day, and your judgment can be clouded by the pressure to get it right. So we have taken the pressure off by putting together jewellery sets that you can mix and match to create the perfect look for you.

So come on a journey with Hello Lovers and we will introduce you to a world of jewelry sets from traditional to bohemian. Where the  bridal jewellery sets are unique and magical.

Dress yourself in golds and silver boho chic wedding jewellery sets with dangling chandelier earrings and hair pieces designed for the princess within..

Hair accessory sets.

A hair accessory set can be any assorted pieces used to style and decorate the hair. It typically includes items such as hairpins, hair clips, hair combs, or headbands. Choose your hair accessory set to compliment your hairstyle; for instance, if you are wearing a long plait, you may choose a hair vine woven through and add just a few extra hair pins to make the braid even more glamorous.
Then choose a necklace with similar detailing to compliment it. Hello Lovers Australia makes it easy to achieve a polished and cohesive look. They can range from simple and understated to elaborate and eye-catching and suit any special occasion such as weddings, debs, or black tie functions.

Lovely pearl bridal set of bracelet and earrings.
Pearl porcelain hair pins | Hello lovers Australia wedding jewellery

Earring formal or bridal jewellery sets.

An earring set can incorporate a matching necklace or hairpiece. Hello Lovers has sets that feature pearls, sparkling crystals, or diamante. In silver, gold, or rose gold colours, the choices are infinite. Let your imagination run wild but remember, whichever earring set you choose should compliment your personality and wedding dress.

Still a bit confused then check out our blog on how to choose the ring earrings for your wedding.

Bridesmaids jewellery set with pearls
Silver jewellery set Hello lovers Australia

Necklace bridal jewellery sets.

Traditional necklace sets combine matching earrings and necklace but now you can artfully match hairpins or bracelets to make a necklace set next level. Just be mindful that they are complimentary and don’t clash. Also that only one of the jewellery set pieces should be a statement piece.

Sets for your bridesmaids should be more subdued in style.

Glamorous wedding jewellery set

How to put together and wear a wedding jewelry set.

  1. Choose the right jewelry set to match your dress style and neckline.
  2. Consider the metal color, such as gold, silver, or rose gold.
  3. Decide if you want to wear a statement necklace, dangle earrings, or both.
  4. If wearing a necklace, put it on first, then add matching earrings.
  5. Adjust the necklace length for the perfect fit.
  6. Add a bracelet or bangle to complete the look.
  7. Put on any other rings or hair accessories you would like to wear.
  8. Make sure your jewelry complements your overall style rather than overpowering it.

Most of all, be you.