Lets go bridal jewellery and necklace shopping

Wedding necklace shopping

Bridal Jewellery and necklace shopping

Good morning all, I just want to say a big HELLO to you all. My name is Kara and Leah has asked me to write a diary entry about wedding necklace shopping. And hopefully finding my bridal jewellery today. Here it goes –

 I’m going to be looking for bridal accessories to match my wedding dress. After looking at the Hello Lovers Australia site I have a couple of jewellery pieces that I like and am going to try on.

Wedding necklace shopping so far my favourite bridal necklace is Mystic necklace or the Chandelier Wedding necklace. Something simple will suit my dress with bigger statement earrings.

The earrings that I want to try on are Round pearl drop, Penelope and the Summer earrings in silver colour. For the bracelet I’m just going to leave it to chance and see what direction my heart leads me.

Jewellery and Wedding necklace shopping Will these earrings match my wedding necklace shopping

Wedding necklace shopping

I was going to purchase online instead they have the whole collection at Leah S Designs. That’s where I got my wedding dress from. So I will try on some of the Hello Lovers Australia jewellery while I’m picking up my gown.

I have purchased a beautiful bridal dress from Leah S Designs it’s a new style called Margaret its mostly ivory with a nude under layer in the bodice. Hopefully the jewellery I like, will look amazing with my dress.

Actually my mum has given me a strand of pearls that my grand mother wore for her wedding. She wants me to wear with my dress. I think its going to be too heavy looking, lets wait and see.


I’m coming from Richmond so its about a 30 minutes to drive and honestly its worth the drive to Leah S Designs.

It’s a Tuesday morning and it’s not to busy at the store, yes look at all this jewellery. I cant wait to have a closer look once I try on my dress.

I still need to come back for alterations. What do you all think of my dress? Im getting married in the botanical gardens in Melbourne city so I wanted a dress that said “i’m the bride” with out being too OTT bridal. There will be 60 of my closest friends and family there and afterwards we are going to be celebrating in one of the function rooms.

With the gown I’m going to need the straps shortened and the hem length taken up. Now its time for the fun part.

I really like this bracelet, is it strange to choose the bracelet first?

Here I am trying on the Mystic necklace and Penelope earrings?  I will call this option one, I love the pearls in the necklace and earrings, but i’m feeling that I need more sparkle in to my life.

The Sophia necklace is very similar to the previous and works well with my dress. The matching Sophia earrings are a little to small for me, so I’m going up a size with the Aria they also have tear drop. Nana’s  pearl necklace I brought with me isn’t even leaving my bag, I don’t know what I was thinking. How will I tell my mum?

I have selected the Sophia bridal necklace, (sometimes you just have to trust your self), the earrings are called the Aria Earrings with the matching bracelet and the 3D flowers hair comb. Im going to wear the hair comb at the back of my hair, after I looked at some veils and a light blusher veil to go under the hair comb.

Bridal Hair piece with flowers

Jewellery and Wedding necklace shopping a success

Some of the other veils I liked were the blusher with sequin edging and entertained the thought of a single length cathedral veil. I wasn’t going to wear a veil but I like the way it softens around my face and made me feel like a bride.

Grandmas Pearls

Now I just have issue of telling my mum I wont be wearing the family pearls. Who knew wedding necklace shopping could be so complex. Im going to take the jewellery and my dress to her house on the way home and see how I go. I’m a bit nervous now.

Ok I have worked it out, I tried the dress on with my new jewellery and mum loved it. She still  wanted me to wear the vintage pearls, so I rang the bridal store back and explained the issue.

They are going to be able to sew a pocket on the inside of my wedding dress skirt. I will have the pearls in the pocket with a locket sewn above with grandmas photo. Phew its all good now

Now I just have to wait until my wedding day in November…

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